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Monsters in the Movies

John Landis - Author
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Book: Hardcover | 10.00 x 12.00in | 320 pages | ISBN 9780756683702 | 19 Sep 2011 | Dorling Kindersley | 8 - 12 years
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Monsters in the Movies

"If you're wondering, 'Who needs another survey of horror movies?' I urge you to reconsider and check out this terrific book. No one is as knowledgeable or passionate about horror films and their offshoots than Landis, who's made some pretty fair genre pieces himself. His enthusiasm permeates every page of this oversized book, which is bursting with great photos and poster reproductions. His essays on various facets of the genre...are lively and provocative." - Leonard Maltin

"Scanning through the book, it's hard not to be taken by the evolution of how Hollywood monsters are created, from rudimentary make-up tricks to really slick technical feats." -

"Some 1,000 posters and movie stills illustrate the work of the horrormeister (American Werewolf in London, et al.) who also gave us such hits as The Blues Brothers and Animal House." - Publishers Weekly

"With tons of cool pics and beautifully reproduced film posters, Landis's volume knocks it out of the park as a superbrowsable overview of the beasties, ghosties, and ghoulies that have terrified us on the big screen all in the name of fun. Horror fans will love it." -

From B-movie bogeymen and outer space oddities to big-budget terrors, Monsters in the Movies by legendary filmmaker John Landis showcases the greatest monsters ever to creep, fly, slither, stalk, or rampage across the Silver Screen!

Landis provides his own fascinating and entertaining insights into the world of moviemaking, while conducting in-depth "conversations" with leading monster makers, including David Cronenberg, Christopher Lee, John Carpenter, and Sam Raimi— to discuss some of the most petrifying monsters ever seen. He also surveys the historical origins of the archetypal monsters, such as vampires, zombies, and werewolves, and takes you behind the scenes to discover the secrets of those special-effects wizards who created such legendary frighteners as King Kong, Dracula, and Halloween's Michael Myers. With more than 1000 stunning movie stills and posters, this book is sure to keep even the most intense fright-seekers at the edge of their seats for hours!

John Landis discusses 'What is a Monster?'

John Landis discusses 'Why do we need Monsters?'

John Landis discusses 'The Rules'

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"A delicious romp through the film world, this book provides a nostalgic pull for anyone who grew up a fan of the great horror flicks." – Booklist

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