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Star Wars in 100 Scenes

Star Wars
Jason Fry - Author
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Book: Hardcover | 8.50 x 10.98in | 208 pages | ISBN 9781465420121 | 18 Aug 2014 | Dorling Kindersley | 7 - 15 years
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Star Wars in 100 Scenes

Relive the most dramatic and iconic moments from the epic six-part saga, Star Wars, one spread at a time in DK's Star Wars in 100 Scenes. Presented in chronological movie order, every hand picked scene is explored and explained. Learn in-depth facts about the key characters, droids, vehicles, and locations of each scene. Bits of real- world information are scattered throughout to give insight into the behind-the scenes world of the Star Wars saga.

A perfect way to prepare for the highly anticipated Episode VII, Star Wars in 100 Scenes is the ideal go-to resource for fans who just want to brush-up on their Star Wars knowledge or for the new generation of kids eager to start their journey into a galaxy far, far away….

Look Inside:

"…[W]hile readers will undoubtedly be familiar with the many images used throughout the book, there are plenty of little tidbits and lesser-known facts, be they background character names, anecdotes or further exposition, all of which make for a thoroughly enjoyable read, and serve to provide fans with fresh insight into the saga that we all know and love." –

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