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Idiot's Guides: Gluten-Free Eating

Jeanette Hurt - Author
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Book: Paperback | 9.25 x 7.63in | 336 pages | ISBN 9781615644230 | 07 Jan 2014
Idiot's Guides: Gluten-Free Eating

Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and general health and well-being are all reasons millions of people are going "gluten-free." While gluten-free packaged foods and restaurant meals have emerged, sorting through this diet and related health issues have only become more challenging. Idiot's Guides: Gluten-Free Eating provides an easy- to-understand explanation of the varying degrees of gluten intolerance, a detailed list of gluten-containing foods (including those with "hidden" gluten), more than 50 tasty recipes, plus a thorough shopping list of foods that are naturally gluten-free. Also included are expert tips on avoiding gluten while dining out and helping kids avoid the gluten that is prevalent in the foods they like the most.

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