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"The Dorling Kindersley brand has many values: it is quality, authority, accessibility and a way of combining the beautiful and useful. DK books provide information in an attractive and easy to reach form."
Christopher Davis, DK Publisher

Creation and Integration
Since its creation in 1974 Dorling Kindersley has published books that are instantly recognizable to children and adults worldwide. Initially established as a book packager and then a publisher in its own right, DK is now part of the internationally renowned Penguin Group, the second-largest English-language trade book publisher in the world. The integration of DK and Penguin links probably the two best known brands in American publishing. But while DK retains its own unique and completely independent identity, it benefits from strength and support that an organization like Penguin Putnam can offer.

Our Books
DK publishes an extensive range of both adult and children's reference titles - in effect 'cradle to grave' publishing. The adult list encompasses many subjects: gardening, conventional and holistic medicine, pregnancy & childcare, travel, cooking & wine, natural history, art, sports, popular culture, and languages. It includes manuals, encyclopedias, atlases, maps and handbooks. Within the adult list there are longstanding partnerships between DK and prestigious organizations such as the AHS, AMA and Columbia University Press that lend weight to the authority of the books.

DK's children's reference titles are second to none. The list covers a vast range of children's interests for every age group - dinosaurs, space, nature, history, religion, sport and science. In addition the publishing also includes a number of richly illustrated and highly accessible encyclopedias for learners of every age.

DK has also teamed up with well-loved names such as Barbie, DC comics, Star Wars and Disney/Pixar - ensuring DK remains at the forefront of popular children's publishing.

The award-winning Eyewitness Books, DK's trademark series, which began life in 1988, never fail to inform, excite and inspire both children and adults alike. The series, which has sold over 50 million copies worldwide, is constantly expanding and the new titles will be branching out into more esoteric areas. Its popularity and success will no doubt continue when the titles start to appear in paperback.

The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide series (which began life in 1993) is updated annually and the guides are re-checked thoroughly before going to print as the information may change during the time that it takes to produce the book. The reason for this continual attention to detail is three-fold:


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