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On 1st July 2013 Penguin and Random House officially united to create Penguin Random House, the world's first truly global trade book publisher.

Bulk Purchases / Special Sales

We offer generous discounts when our books are purchased in bulk. For a copy of our bulk purchase discount schedule please email us at or call us at 646-674-4047.

Special Sales Channels include:

    • Specialty Retail – Retailers that are not exclusively booksellers including gift, gourmet, toy stores, etc.

      DK Specialty Retail Contact Information

      Gift, Gourmet, & Toy Store Sales:

    • Specialty Wholesale– Wholesalers that are not exclusively booksellers

    • Mail Order Catalog – Businesses who’s primary sales are generated through mail order catalogs.

    • E-Commerce – Web based retailers that are not exclusively booksellers.

    • Premium – Purchase where books will be used for promotional, marketing or advertising purposes. Click here to view our premium custom publishing PDF.

    • Corporate – Purchase where books are given away as gifts, rewards, incentives, etc. Click here to view our premium custom publishing PDF.

    • Custom Publishing – DK’s Book content is available for custom publishing. We can customize our books to meet promotional, marketing, advertising, packaging, and budgetary needs. Click here for more information on Premium, Corporate and Custom Publishing Sales.

      DK Special Sales Contact Information

      P: 646-674-4047

    • Digital Content Licensing – DK text and images are available for license across digital platforms. A customized content set can be culled from across titles to create a completely unique digital package, in xml, to suit your needs.

      Click here for more information on Digital Licensing.

      Digital Content Licensing Contact Information
Academic Resources

Teacher's Guides
These useful guides offer lesson plans, discussion questions, and classroom activities. Click here to view our available educational resources.

Desk Copies
To request a desk or exam copy of a DK adult book, contact
To request a desk or exam copy of a DK children’s book, contact

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Conference Calendar
Please visit the DK Publishing booth during the following upcoming trade shows:
  • C2E2 -Chicago Comics & Entertaiment Expo (March 18th - 20th; Chicago)
  • International Reading Association (May 9th - 11th; Orlando)
  • BEA - Bookexpo America (May 23rd - 26th, New York)
  • American Library Association (June 24th - 27th; New Orleans)
  • San Diego Comic Con (July 20th - 25th; San Diego)
  • New York Comic Con (October 13th - 16th; New York)
  • LEGO KidsFest (December 2nd - 4th; Hartford, CT)

Library Services

For library marketing inquiries, please contact
For library sales, please contact (800)847-5515 or email


For general subrights inquiries please contact or


For general marketing and advertising inquiries please contact
To request a catalog please contact


For publicity inquiries or author information, please contact

Bookseller Services

Click here to visit our bookseller page

International / Language Rights

For international trade sales or rights questions about foreign language editions of DK books:

For Children's books:
For Adult's books:

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