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Dr. Frankenstein's
Body Lab

Step right into Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory to help him complete the ultimate experiment - creating a monster! Make your way through five body systems to acquire the parts youll need in the sixth and final game to build your very own monster.

In each level, place falling body parts into their proper spots in the system. Learn as you play by touching the empty spaces on the models body to learn facts about the parts that should fill it. After completing all five levels in 20 seconds or less, you can you build your monster - and feel free to make it silly!

Once your monster is assembled with all the right pieces it can come alive. Take a photo to share with your friends and family that will make them scream in delight!

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Dr. Frankenstein's Body Lab features

Falling body parts

  • Five different Falling Parts games featuring the skeleton, brain and senses, heart and lungs, digestive system, and muscles
  • Touching an empty part in the template reveals interesting facts about it, enabling you to learn as you play
  • Placing 10 correct falling parts into the corresponding slots in 20 seconds or less finishes the level and unlocks the body parts youll need for the final game

Build your monster

  • Build Your Monster game lets you use all the parts you've unlocked to assemble your creature
  • Bits and Pieces drawer in the end game lets you add funny items to your monster
  • Bring your monster to life using all the essential body parts; a progress gauge will let you know how far along you are when you check
  • Photo function allows you to save photos of your creation to iPads Photos app, to later share or print

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