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Jewish Holidays Cookbook

Jewish Holidays Cookbook

Jewish Holidays Cookbook

Why do we eat seeds on Purim? What is an etrog? How do you make light, fluffy matzoh balls?

The traditions and recipes of Judaism are celebrated in this beautiful modern cookbook geared toward kids and their families. Eleven Jewish holidays are discussed and accompanied by recipes for the ancient and modern foods traditionally served. Kids can lead the charge on braiding their first challah or making their own kugel, while spending time learning about Jewish history and heritage.


Pesach, or Passover, celebrates the trials and triumphs of the Israelite people in Egypt.
Pharaoh kept the Israelites as slaves, and treated them cruelly for many years. When he finally decided to let the Israelites follow Moses out of Egypt, the Israelites left in a hurry because they feared that Pharaoh would change his mind. He did change his mind, and sent his army after them. So the Israelites fled into the desert.

Because they left Egypt so quickly, the Israelites did not have time to let their bread dough rise before baking it. So instead of having leavened bread, they had flat matzoh. To remember the escape of Israelite ancestors, many Jews do not eat leavened foods during Pesach. Some families completely remove anything that contains flour or leavening agents (called “chametz”) from their homes during Pesach. Click here for a fantastic matzoh brei!

Click here for an interview with Jill Bloomfield and Rabbi Janet Ozur-Bass, authors of the Jewish Holiday Cookbook

About the Authors

Jill Bloomfield is DK’s resident kid’s cooking expert. She is also the creator of a kids cooking consulting company, Picky Eaters. Originally a microbusiness that provided hands-on kids’ cooking parties in clients' homes, Picky Eaters evolved as the “kids in the kitchen” trend caught fire (though, thankfully, her clients' kitchens did not). In addition to her work in the world of kids cooking, Jill also teaches English, public speaking and Jewish culture classes in Rockville, MD.

Rabbi Janet Ozur-Bass is a rabbi, mother, teacher, and self-proclaimed foodie. She lives with her three children and her husband, a cantor, in Rockville, Maryland.