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Tribal ArtAntiques Investigator
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How do you find out how old a piece is?  How can you tell whether it’s genuine or a copy?  Is it worth a fortune? International antiques and collectibles expert Judith Miller’s Antiques Investigator is the ultimate answer to all of these questions and more.  Providing a systematic approach to looking at antiques, each chapter begins with an introduction, followed by “The Brief,” a step-by-step guide to advise the collector how to find his or her way around a piece.  “The Interrogation” spreads use close-up photography to highlight the subtle details that set two items apart.  “The Prime Suspects” pages compare and contrast two or more commonly confused pieces or styles and pinpoint the ways in which they differ.  “The Identity Parade” spreads show pieces from the important makers in a field, helping readers to recognize the defining features.  The “Photofit” section at the end of the book showcases the distinguishing features of dozen of key styles within a field, such as char bags, furniture legs, and porcelain marks.

From 18th-century chairs, to Art Deco ceramics, to Steiff teddy bears, to vases and jewelry, Antiques Investigator is the only book you’ll need to decipher a find from a fraud.  Don’t waste another minute without exploring this super sleuth’s guide to identifying antiques of all kinds – whether it be for pleasure or profit!

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collectibles 2007Costume Jewelry
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Whether you are dressing to impress or collecting for effect, Costume Jewelry is the definitive price guide to jewelry of all metals and gems from the iconic designers of our past and present. Featuring over 400 images of glittering glamour, this is the perfect pocket companion for jewelry collectors and admirers alike!
  • A star-rating system indicates the value of every item
  • Includes modernist creations, rare design classics, and quirky novelty items
  • Special features on influential designers and makers, and especially desired pieces.

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